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Difference between LCD and LED

What are the differences between LCD and LED panels?

Compared to the LED displays and LCD displays, LED brightness, power consumption, viewing angle, and refresh rates, and so on, has an advantage is cancelled to the page navigation. Using LED technology, than LCD can produce thinner, brighter and clearer display.

1. LED and LCD power consumption ratio is about 1:10,LED more efficient.

2. LED higher refresh rates, better performance in video.

3. LED provides up to 160 degree wide viewing angle, you can display all kinds of text, numbers, color images and animation information, television, video, VCD, DVD, color video signals.

4. reaction rate LCD, LED displays a single element LCD 1000 times, can also take care of errors in bright light, and massive headwind at low temperature.

Simply put, LCD and LED two different display technologies, LCD is liquid crystal display, while the LED is made of light emitting diode display.

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