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What is the difference between LED screen and LCD screen? Buy a new apple to not lose!

Not surprisingly, this year's new Apple iPhone will release three at the same time, and the difference, apart from the screen size, is the screen material. Among them, there are two OLED screens (6.5 inches and 5.8 inches) and a LCD screen (6.1 inch) cheap version.

Then the question arises: what is the difference between the two screens? Why is the price difference so big? Which price should I choose?

For science sake, Apple hasn't been spelling hardware, so before last year's iPhone X, all Apple phones used were LCD screens, including the iPhone 8 series. Samsung, the world's largest screen manufacturer, naturally uses the best screens on its mobile phone. Samsung's Galaxy series has already used its own OLED. Those who have used Samsung's mobile phone (even those who have seen it) are sure to be attracted by Samsung's gorgeous screen, and feel particularly good. There is no trace of delay.

What are the specific differences between OLED and LCD screens that will allow Apple to gradually abandon the LCD screens it has been using for 10 years?

First of all, OLED can be bent, so Samsung's Note and S series can be made into curved screens, while the iPhone doesn't, because LCD screens can't be bent!

Secondly, OLED is the inevitable choice of under screen fingerprint technology. Because only OLED can make the screen line and screen line together.

Third, OLED touches the screen quickly, because it is thinner than LCD, and is more sensitive to finger's touch catching ability.

Fourth: OLED power consumption is smaller, the reason is finally announced.

Fifth: The most intuitive feeling is that OLED color gamut wider, color contrast more vivid, really wonderful. OLED

It is said that almost infinite color contrast can be achieved. You can see this point by comparing yourself with iPhone X and iPhone 8.

The above OLED features are actually one:

OLED displays are an organic self-luminescent material that eliminates the need for a backlight module, making them bendable, thinner, more responsive, less power-intensive, richer and more delicate colors, all of which are determined by their innate material.

However, when the LCD screen cheap price iPhone 9 comes out, is it worth our choice? If you're an old Apple user and you think the screen of the iPhone 8 is OK, then the cheap LCD screen (6.1 inches) is worth owning, just not the OLED stunning. Practicality, for price performance, LCD version of the new machine, kill OLED version!

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