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What is the temperature range of LCD?

LCD screens can be divided into military, industrial and commercial levels, each level of LCD screen temperature range and operating temperature range are different.

Military grade - refers to military equipment, such as missiles, satellites, tanks and electronic components inside aircraft carriers. Any part of it is now the most advanced, 10 years ahead of the industrial level, 20 years ahead of the commercial level, the price is the most expensive, precision is the highest.  

Industrial level - slightly lower than the grade of the military class, the price is second, and the precision is the second.

Business-grade-the kind of commercially traded, computers, mobile phones, you can see in life are basically commercial-grade LCD screens, such as Micro soft's chip even if it is commercial-grade military-grade, the price is the cheapest, but also the most common, most practical.

The working temperature range of LCD LCD screen

The normal operating temperature range of commercial LCD devices is 0 ~50 ~C, general industrial LCD devices are - 30 ~70 ~C, and military LCD devices are - 40 ~85 ~C.

In addition, there are also some LCD devices with a vehicle gauge screen, which is also -40 degrees ~+85 centigrade.

But generally our LCD module temperature is divided into two categories, one is the operating temperature range, one is the storage temperature range. In general, the working temperature of the LCD module is -20 to 70 degrees, and the storage temperature is -30 to 80 degrees.

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