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The momentum of OLED displays in smartphone market is increasing day by day

It is reported that OLED displays have increased rapidly in the global smartphone market share, exceeding 60% between July and September.

As leading smartphone companies, including Apple and Huawei, began competing to use this self-luminescent (OLED) display as their flagship display, the market share of OLED revenue has been increasing (35% in the first quarter of last year).

In the third quarter, sales of smartphone display stores totaled $10.8 billion. According to the latest statement released by IHS Markit, a shopping mall research company, total revenue in the quarter was $6.6 billion, or 61.1%, from OLED displays. In the meantime, flexible OLED displays contribute most to the revenue of shopping malls. This (OLED) panel is made from flexible substrates, such as plastic and flexible glass. It is light in weight, thin in thickness and durable, making smartphone manufacturers more flexible in planning.

Apple's Liuhai display, the iPhone X, and Samsung Electronics's perforated display, Galaxy A8, are all implemented through this new technology. However, this technology has some shortcomings, such as high production costs and relatively low output value. And those rigid OLED displays with lower flexibility and lower price are mainly used in mid-range smartphones.

The statement also pointed out that the market share of thin-film transistor liquid crystal displays, which are mainly used in mid-end and low-end smartphones, dropped from 56.2% in the third quarter of last year to 38.9% in the same period of this year.

Samsung Display, a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics, accounted for 93.3% of the total market share in the third quarter, while its flexible OLED display market share was 94.2%, ranking first in the market.

Market investigators predict that with more and more smartphone manufacturers choosing to produce smartphones with various shapes (such as foldable mobile phones) through this flexible display technology, Sanxing Display, the leading supplier of OLED display panels for Apple and Samsung Electronics, will be more dominant in the market.

At the same time, Samsung showed that OLED and LCD had a 58.4% market share, far outpacing its competitors, Beijing Oriental, Tenma, Sharp and LG Display (all below 10%). According to market investigators, Samsung's market share in terms of shipments is only 22.8%, which means that the company's OLED display business is highly profitable.

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