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By China LCD factories | 19 December 2018 | 0 Comments

Samsung will convert LCD production line to QD-OLED

According to media reports, Samsung Display plans to convert L9-1 production line, one of the G8.5 (2200 *2500mm) LCD factories located in Yashan factory of Zhongqing Nandao, into QD-OLED panel production line. Relevant research and development of human resources and equipment have been completed in the first half of this year. In recent arrangements, Deputy President Nam Hyohak, formerly president of OLED production center, has been appointed as Minister of Large Size Panel Business.

In recent years, Samsung has gradually closed its LCD production line and gathered resources on the development of QD-OLED panels. Chuan Samsung will set up a trial production line in 2019 and increase the production of QD-OLED from 2020. It is estimated that during the period of 2019-2021, the investment of the production line will exceed 10 trillion won, while the investment of LCD production line will decrease gradually.

The basic structure of QD-OLED panel is different from that of LCD, but similar to OLED, the difference is that it uses not only luminous data, but also inorganic semiconductor data. It has the advantages of OLED panel, and Samsung has the technical advantages of quantum dot TV. Therefore, Samsung is optimistic about the future development of QD-OLED and gradually releases resources. However, the technology is still not fully mature. No LCD display technology mature and stable!

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