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By China lcd display manufacturer | 02 January 2019 | 0 Comments

Touch screen electronic products have a positive impact on children

An interesting experiment, China Touch Screen Network News, Touch Screen Generation: Children are smarter with mobile touch screen. The BBC's latest documentary, Baby: Magic World, has tested children aged 0-2 and found that electronics have a positive impact on children.

Many parents worry that their children's physical coordination is not as good as those who do not use electronic products because they spend a lot of time sitting and playing with electronic products. But according to the documentary, there is not a big gap between the two groups of children in the straight line test, and the reasonable use of electronic display screen has no great impact on their children's vision.

In the two-handed coordination test, children who used technology products and those who did not use technology products were asked to imitate and draw a straight line. The results showed that children who used technology products could reproduce the straight line more accurately.

In the last test, two groups of children accumulated the same building blocks. Children who often touched the display screen piled higher than those who did not touch the display screen. Children who often touched the display screen moved more flexibly.

Most parents believe that excessive exposure to electronic devices will have a negative impact on their babies. Experiments have proved that reasonable exposure to electronic devices can make children smarter, and hand coordination ability is better than that of children of the same age. However, it is still necessary to rationalize your contact with electronic display screen, which is conducive to children's physical and mental health.

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