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By Chinese LCD manufacturer | 22 February 2019 | 0 Comments

Chinese LCD manufacturers continue to expand production capacity: 40% price reduction in one year

With the best efforts of Chinese LCD manufacturers, the price of LCD screens has declined a lot.

According to Japanese media reports, the discount price of 32-inch LCD panel in January dropped by 9% compared with last month, a decline of 40% in one year. This phenomenon can be seen as the result of the best efforts of Chinese display screen manufacturers. It is estimated that the price will remain in a declining trend until around March.

Now, 55-inch LCD panels are around $143 per piece and 65-inch LCD panels are around $220, all down 3% from last month. Compared with last year, they fell 20% and 30% respectively. With subsidies from local governments, mainland Chinese companies are increasing equipment and increasing output power.

Previous statistics from Sigmaintell Consulting show that Beijing Eastern has surpassed LG to become the world's largest supplier of LCD TV and display panels. Meanwhile, Beijing Oriental shipped 54.3 million TV panels and 37.3 million display panels in 2018. By contrast, LG's figures are 48.6 million and 34.5 million, respectively.

The industry chain also emphasizes that global LCD shipments will continue to climb in 2019, mainly Panda and ZTE Radio and Television are also working in this area, and pricing will become more radical.

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