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BOE competed fiercely with Samsung/LG and finally qualified for Apple OLED display

On February 19, according to Korean media reports, BOE, a display screen supplier in China, has been qualified to supply flexible OLED displays for the iPhone and is expected to supply flexible OLED panels for Apple's folding-screen iPhone in 2020. It is reported that the news has been confirmed by BOE.

Industry chain sources said that although the BOE has qualified, it does not mean that it will be able to supply the OLED display for the iPhone immediately. As Apple continues to check the BOE, it is estimated that it will take some time before it finally reaches the quality requirements of Apple because the skills they provide are not mature enough. BOE can only enter the list of screen suppliers after a rigorous test.

Now, Samsung and LGD have become Apple's leading suppliers of flexible screen panels. In order to ensure adequate output value, reduce costs and diversity of suppliers, BOE has acquired the qualification of Apple's third largest supplier of flexible display panels. Its flexible OLED screens will be submitted to Apple for strict quality certification process and final delivery.

For BOE, Apple's recognition shows its initial success on OLED display. In May 2017, BOE launched the first 6G flexible OLED production line in Chengdu, while the second 6G OLED production line in Mianyang is planned for mass production in 2019.

In order to continue to expand the market share of OLED display screen, and compete with companies including Samsung Display, LG Display, Sharp and JDI. BOE has built the third 6G flexible OLED panel production line in Chongqing, with a monthly output of 48,000 pieces. According to the statement, BOE plans to invest 46.5 billion yuan ($6.88 billion) in new production lines to produce flexible OLED panels for mobile phones, cars and laptops.

This year Huawei and Millet launched folding screen mobile phones or selected BOE B7 flexible OLED panel. The B11/B12 product line for Apple has higher requirements for display screens and stricter quality inspection. It will be put into trial production this year. In terms of cost control of flexible display, BOE is expected to be lower than Samsung by the end of 2019.

Since its inception, BOE has insisted on independent innovation in the field of electronic display, and has continued to devote itself to research and development. Now, BOE has accumulated a large number of talents, experience and patent skills. In 2018 alone, BOE added nearly 9,000 new patent applications, accounting for more than 80% of invention patents, and the total number of available patents reached nearly 70,000, ranking first in the international profession.

Samsung has been in the OLED display area for a long time, basically controlling the upstream and downstream of the end of the industrial chain. In addition, Samsung has many technical patents, plus many years of professional talent accumulation and manufacturing process experience, a wide range of early market layout, and a high quality rate, as well as the future direction of development in this area, are the difficulties for BOE to catch up step by step.

However, this is only Samsung's current advantage, with BOE constantly deepening in the frontier areas, breaking the difficulties, and gradually occupy the electronic display market. Believe that BOE will surpass Samsung in the near future!

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