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The Way of 8K Display Screen Implementation BOE has been carried out for a long time

According to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China will issue 5G temporary licenses in several cities this year, so that large-scale 8K display implementation can be completed in some cities and regions first.

Recently, the first 5G telephone card in China has been born. In the second half of the year, people will have the opportunity to use commercial products such as 5G mobile phones and 5G tablet computers. It is expected that 5G will spread all over the country by 2020. As a new generation of mobile communication specification, 5G can achieve 10-100 times performance in terms of speed, traffic density and connection number density of 4G.

No matter what kind of intelligent use of the Internet of Things, besides the connection speed of high-speed circulation, the high performance of display ports is undoubtedly an important factor in deciding the role of experience. Imagine that in the field of medical imaging, the ultra-high definition display screen presents a detailed and clear picture, making remote consultation as if in person, to assist physicians to provide accurate diagnosis and treatment discrimination and health management propositions;

In the field of distance education, with the help of ultra-high definition display screen, the distance between teachers and students is closer, the focus of knowledge is not blurred, and logical thinking is clearly transmitted.

In the field of live broadcasting, whether it is motion amplitude, muscle relaxation or motion trajectory, it is clearly exposed through the ultra-high definition display screen. Audiences feel the same and miss every wonderful moment. With the help of UHD video referee assistant, the competition becomes more open and fair.

In the field of intelligent transportation, the head-up display accurately shows the road condition information in front of us, and provides timely response propositions. The super-large central control display screen integrates information, entertainment and even office work, so that the control becomes safer, more comfortable and more pleasant.

At present, 8K is undoubtedly the "class representative" in the field of ultra-high definition display screen. 8K has a resolution of 7680x4320. Each frame has about 33 million pixels, which is four times as clear as 4K. If this is not intuitive enough, let's take the "luxury matching" we usually watch video.

BOE has been carried out for a long time along the way of 8K implementation.

As early as 2013, consumers'standards for UHD display remained at the 4K level. However, most consulting agencies have shown active expectations for the market demand for large-scale and UHD displays.

At that time, the 8K super-high definition BOE, which had been locked in for a long time, led to the first appearance of 8K products. At the high-definition Fair held in Shenzhen that year, the 98-inch 8K super-high definition display screen finally completed zero-interval touch with the audience, and became the focus of attention. The NHK representatives who came to watch and even excitedly placed orders on the spot.

In January 2015, at the World Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held in the United States, BOE launched the world's largest 110-inch 8K ultra-high definition display screen, which is amazing for four people. In June of the same year, the US SID show week, BOE launched the world's first 82-inch 10K ultra-high definition display screen, completely detonating the global display industry.

In summary, 8K display screen and 5G are the confidants of the Internet of Things. They use super high-speed to carry and support each other's huge volume, and a huge demand to push back and help each other's vigorous development, and they complement each other and produce infinite scenarios of intelligent use.

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