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Nice quality Innolux 21.5 inch LCD panel M215HNE-L30

M215HNE-L30 is a 21.5-inch LCD panel module product launched by Innolux using a-Si TFT-LCD technology. It is equipped with WLED backlight, no backlight driver, no touch, but customizable touch.

M215HNE-L30 Rev.C3 display resolution is 1920 (RGB)*1080 (FHD), width to height ratio is 16:9 (width to height), the pixels are arranged in RGB vertical strip.

The display area size is 476.064 x 267.786 mm (width x height), the visual size is 479.84 x 271.3 mm (width x height), the appearance size is 495.6 x 292.2 (width x height)x 12 (thickness) mm, the surface treatment is fog, and the net weight of the product is 1.80/1.85Kgs (Typ. /Max.).

Backlight uses a 4 strings WLED side-in light source (right side). The service life of the light source is 40K hours, without backlight driver.

M215HNE-L30 Rev.C3 uses LVDS (2ch, 8-bit) signal interface, a total of 30 pins, using terminal connection, driving screen voltage is 5.0V (Typ.).

The working temperature is 0 ~ 50℃ and the storage temperature is - 20 ~ 60℃. Based on its wide color gamut, surface fog, wide angle of view, landscape mode, white LED backlight, wide screen, signal terminal formal, TCO 7.0 Compliance and other features.

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