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Three Advantages of Industrial LCD Screen

Compared with ordinary display screens, industrial lcd screens are rapidly applied in the fields of industrial control, handheld terminals, communications, instruments, instruments, automobiles, ships, medical treatment, self-service terminals, police equipment and so on because of the difference of market and customer needs. Next, let's talk about the three advantages of industrial lcd screen.

1. High reliability

Industrial LCD screen is very strict in material selection in order to meet the requirements of high specifications in the industrial market. Professional design has been carried out on dust proof, waterproof, shock proof and explosion proof. Each industrial LCD screen has undergone rigorous inspection, high temperature, low temperature, performance test, simulated transportation, ESD, surge test, drop test and so on. Industrial design, rugged and durable, IP67 industrial protection grade, to meet all kinds of special harsh industrial environment display requirements.

2. High brightness

Because most display screens are used in indoor environment, the brightness is about 250 (NITS), however, they can not meet the requirements in industrial environment. This is because of the strong ambient light, its brightness can easily exceed the brightness of LCD backlight. In addition, in industrial environments, the use of touch screens will reduce the brightness of the display and make it look darker. The brightness of XIANHENG industrial LCD screen is from 500 to 3000nits, which is five to ten times as high as that of consumer LCD screen which is only suitable for indoor use. It can maintain a good visual state both indoors and outdoors and in the sunshine. This is one of the advantages of industrial LCD screen.

3. Long service life

Liquid crystal material is an organic polymer composite material. Material with very high purity, and other materials with high purity, in very clean production conditions. The driving voltage and current of liquid crystal are very low. Therefore, the degradation of equipment is very small, and the service life is very long. In practical application testing, in addition to impact, breakage or support damage, there is almost no end to its own industrial display. Most Industrial LCD screens can also be maintained for about 3-5 years. Support work 24 hours a day uninterrupted use for 10 years, more than twice the same product.

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