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23.8 inch Wide LCD Screen Module Innolux M238HCA-L3B

Innolux M238HCA-L3B is a 23.8 inch LCD module using a-Si TFT-LCD technology, which is equipped with WLED backlight, no backlight drive, no touch.

Its typical features are: surface fog, wide viewing angle, landscape mode, white LED backlight, wide screen, signal terminal inversion, 3-side Borderless.

Its operating temperature is 0 ~ 50 °C, its storage temperature is-20 ~ 60 °C, and its vibration resistance is 1.5G (14.7m ram s ²).

This model is recommended for computer monitors.

As a AAS, constant black display, transmission LCD module product, M238HCA-L3B can provide 250 cd/m ²display brightness 1000 (Typ.) (CR 1 transmission contrast, as well as 89 (Typ.) (CR 89 (L/R/U/D) angle of view, the best viewing angle is the full view angle, its response time is 8x7 (Typ.) (Tr/Td) ms. Because each pixel uses a 8-bit grayscale signal, this product can display 16.7m colors with a color saturation of 72% (NTSC). In the aspect of backlight, this product uses WLED side-in light source, the service life of the light source is 40K hours, does not include backlight drive. M238HCA-L3B uses LVDS (2 ch, 8-bit) signal interface, a total of 30 pins, using terminal connection, drive screen voltage of 5.0V (Typ.). Its typical vertical refresh rate Fv is 60Hz.

If you want to develop a new product using M238HCA-L3B LCD module, it is recommended that you send email to [email protected] to contact us for the latest product information about M238HCA-L3B.

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