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By BOE LCD supplier | 21 May 2020 | 0 Comments

After becoming an iPhone supplier BOE screen will also be adopted by Samsung

While breaking into the iPhone supply chain, BOE is also expected to enter the screen supply chain of Samsung's Galaxy S series. 

In April, research firm DSCC (Display Supply Chain Consultants) reported that Samsung's mobile communications division was in talks with BOE to purchase screens for future Galaxy Spicer A-series phones. 

Samsung Electronics today made a formal request for an offer to the Beijing-based manufacturer after a full month of preliminary negotiations, according to industry insiders. This means that BOE's screen will be introduced into the supply chain of the Galaxy Amax S series, and requests for inquiries from the smartphone industry are usually sent about six months before trial production. 

According to sources, Samsung is currently only seeking an offer from BOE for the Galaxy S21 series. Although it is not clear whether the Galaxy S21 series will still offer three different models, the successor of the Galaxy S20 Ultra should use its own OLED screen, while the entry-level Galaxy S20e successor will most likely use BOE's screen. 

According to South Korean insiders, the application for the quotation issued to BOE only relates to the screen specifications of the 90Hz.This is because the domestic OLED panel Samsung wants to order does not intend to support the refresh rate of 120Hz, which is the main selling point of this generation of flagship phones. 

Some of the screens of the Galaxy S21 series are transferred to BOE, which undoubtedly reduces the manufacturing cost of the next-generation Android flagship. Given the current instability in the mobile phone market, Samsung now thinks it is imperative.

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