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By China LCD screen supplier | 22 June 2020 | 0 Comments

Mitsubishi Electric will withdraw from the production of LCD panels

Japan's Mitsubishi Electric recently issued a press release announcing that the company will withdraw from LCD panel production. This is also because in the face of the low-price offensive of foreign competitors, the price area is not competitive, will decide to stop production.

Mitsubishi Electric began mass production of LCD panels in 1996. In the past, it was mainly used to produce LCD panels for notebook computers, but in the face of low-price attacks from competitors in other countries, the scale of the business has gradually shrunk. At present, the products produced and sold by the company are mostly on-board display devices used in construction vehicles such as excavators and trucks, including panels and small and medium-sized TFT liquid crystal modules. But in the end, because it was difficult to maintain competitiveness, it was decided to withdraw from the production business of LCD panels.

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