How to choose full color display dedicated LED

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Update time : 2017-05-11 10:58:19
LED devices as a full-color LED display the most critical components, for three reasons: First, the LED is the full color screen machine used in the largest number of key devices, each square meter will use thousands to tens of thousands of LED; To determine the overall performance of the main screen display, a direct impact on the audience's evaluation of the display; again, the overall cost of LED display in the proportion of the largest, ranging from 30% to 70%.

The choice of LED determines the quality of the entire display more than 50%. If you can not choose a good LED, the other parts of the display no matter how good can not make up for the defects of the display quality.

Reflecting the full color LED display dedicated LED quality of the important indicators:


1, failure rate

As the full color display by tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of groups of red, green and blue LED composed of three pixels, any color LED failure will affect the overall visual effects of the display. In general, according to industry experience, in the LED display began to fit 72 hours before the failure of the failure rate should not be higher than three thousandths (referring to the LED device itself caused by the failure).

2, anti-static ability

LED is a semiconductor device, sensitive to static electricity, easily lead to electrostatic failure, so the anti-static capacity of the display life is essential. In general, LED body electrostatic mode test failure voltage should not be less than 2000V.

3, attenuation characteristics

Red, green and blue LEDs all have the characteristics of brightness attenuation as the working time increases. LED chip of the pros and cons, auxiliary materials and the level of packaging technology determines the level of the decay of the LED speed. In general, 1000 hours, 20 mA at room temperature after the test, the red LED attenuation should be less than 10%, blue, green LED attenuation should be less than 15%. Red, green, blue attenuation of the consistency of full color LED display The white balance of the screen after a great impact, and thus affect the display fidelity display.

4, brightness

LED brightness is an important determinant of the brightness of the display. LED brightness is higher, the greater the use of current margin, to save power, keep the LED stability is good. LED has a different angle value, the chip brightness has been set in the case, the smaller the angle, LED is brighter, but the smaller the viewing angle of the display. Generally should choose 100 degrees LED to ensure that the display screen enough angle. For a different point spacing and different line of sight of the display, should be in brightness, angle and price to find a balance point.

5, consistency

Full color display is composed of countless red, green and blue LED pixels, each color LED brightness, wavelength consistency determines the brightness of the entire display consistency, white balance consistency, consistent color Sex. In general, the display manufacturers require device suppliers to provide 5nm wavelength range and 1: 1.3 brightness range of the LED, these indicators can be achieved by the device supplier through the spectrophotometer classification. The consistency of the voltage is generally not required.

As the LED is angular, so full-color LED display also has the angular direction, that is, in different angles, the brightness is increased or decreasing. In this way, the red, green, and blue colors of the three angles of LED consistency will seriously affect the consistency of different angles of white balance, a direct impact on the display video color fidelity. To achieve red, green and blue LED at different angles when the brightness of the matching consistency, the need for packaging lens design, raw material selection on the rigorous scientific design, depending on the packaging supplier's technical level. Normal direction white balance no matter how good the display, if the LED angle consistency is not good, the whole screen different angles of the white balance effect will be bad. LED device angle consistency characteristics can be measured using LED angle tester, for high-end display is particularly important.
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