4 Cores of Outdoor Advertising LCD Screens

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Whether we buy or choose, we should have a pair of bright eyes and know the true core of the product, just like outdoor advertising, we need to determine what the core functions are. In fact, as long as the outdoor advertising equipment is equipped with high-definition liquid crystal display screen, stable power supply, outdoor heat dissipation solutions, structural design, etc., these can be considered as the core, so what are the core selling points of outdoor advertising lcd screens?
4 Cores of Outdoor Advertising LCD Screens

Core 1: high definition LCD screen. 

Outdoor advertising lcd screens is used for outdoor products, the first to meet is to have outdoor high-definition highlight, waterproof and dustproof liquid crystal display, the brightness of the basic 1500-2000cd/, preferably the use of LED backlight, a long service life, at the beginning, To screen for regular LCD industrial grade A screens, it is best to screen for large brands such as LG, Samsung. 

Core 2: stable power supply. 

When choosing outdoor advertising lcd screens, in addition to screening the regular LCD industrial grade A screen, a good power supply is also very important. At present, there are many uneven products caused by the imperfect market system. Choose regular manufacturers to produce LCD advertising machines, after-sale protection, the general outdoor LCD advertising machine life can reach 6-10 years, or even longer time. 

Core 3: outdoor heat dissipation solution. 

In the outdoors, we have to face the test of the four seasons, the heat of summer and the cold of winter, which puts forward the requirements for the heat dissipation solution of outdoor liquid crystal advertising machine. Therefore, when we choose and buy outdoor advertising lcd screens, It is necessary to focus on understanding how advertising machine manufacturers solve the heat dissipation. You can check whether its heat dissipation is calculated, followed by whether it has heat dissipation, solar radiation testing equipment, these factors have a great impact on the quality of your products. 

Core 4: structural Design. 

Outdoor advertising lcd screens protection grade requirements to meet the requirements of IP65, more professional heat dissipation channel, convenient maintenance mode, solid anti-theft structure. The whole machine structure adopts the international general environmental protection steel, the appearance spraying uses the high quality outdoor powder, the durability is more than 10 years.Precise shielding structure to ensure that the radiation of the whole machine meets the requirements of relevant international standards. 

In short, the core of these four aspects is a feature of outdoor advertising lcd screens, as long as it is chosen in this way, then there will be no inferior products, of course, the above is not completely able to say all the characteristics of outdoor advertising machines.

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