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A Comparative Analysis of BOE NV101WXM-N01 and GV101WXM-N85 TFT-LCD Display Panels
Unleash Visual Excellence: BOE NV101WXM-N01 vs. GV101WXM-N85 TFT-LCD Display Panels. Discover top-notch resolution, vibrant colors, and versatile applications. Dive into the specifications and features of these cutting-edge panels. Explore the ideal fit for your educational, industrial, and entertainment needs. Compare and choose with confidence.


In today's rapidly advancing technological landscape, display panels play a vital role in various industries. Two notable products in this domain are the BOE NV101WXM-N01 and GV101WXM-N85 TFT-LCD display panels. These panels offer impressive features and capabilities, making them suitable for diverse applications. In this article, we will delve into the specifications, functionalities, and potential uses of these two display panels.

BOE NV101WXM-N01 Display Panel

The BOE NV101WXM-N01 is a 10.1-inch TFT-LCD display panel with a resolution of 1280x800 pixels, providing a WXGA visual experience. It features an a-Si (amorphous silicon) TFT-LCD technology, ensuring clear and vibrant image quality. With a pixel format of RGB vertical stripe, this panel offers a balanced color representation for enhanced visual appeal.

Panel Specifications and Features

The NV101WXM-N01 boasts an ample display area of 216.96(W)×135.6(H) mm, providing ample space for content consumption. Its antireflection surface minimizes glare, enabling comfortable viewing even in bright environments. With a brightness rating of 400 cd/m², this panel ensures a vivid and well-illuminated display, making it suitable for various applications.

Application Possibilities

The NV101WXM-N01 finds its application in a wide range of industries. It is commonly utilized in educational and entertainment settings, offering an immersive viewing experience. Moreover, its durability and adaptability make it suitable for industrial environments, such as motormeters, injection pumps, and console instruments. It can also be incorporated into outdoor handheld tablets, GPS navigators, and kitchen appliances.

GV101WXM-N85 Display Panel

The GV101WXM-N85 is another noteworthy TFT-LCD display panel from BOE. With a screen size of 10.1 inches and a resolution of 1280x800 pixels, it provides crisp and detailed visuals. The panel adopts an a-Si TFT-LCD technology, ensuring high-quality image reproduction and accurate color representation.

Panel Specifications and Features

The GV101WXM-N85 offers an active area of 216.96(W)×135.6(H) mm, providing ample space for content display. Its antiglare surface with a haze level of 25% reduces reflections and enhances visibility, particularly in well-lit environments. With a brightness rating of 430 cd/m², this panel delivers vibrant and well-illuminated visuals, capturing the viewer's attention.

Application Possibilities

The GV101WXM-N85 finds its primary application in the field of industrial control. Its robust design and wide operating temperature range (-20 ~ 70°C) make it suitable for demanding environments. This panel can be effectively utilized in pad and tablet devices, ensuring clear and reliable display performance. Its versatility and reliability make it an ideal choice for various industrial control applications.


Both the BOE NV101WXM-N01 and GV101WXM-N85 TFT-LCD display panels offer remarkable features and application possibilities. The NV101WXM-N01 excels in educational, entertainment, and industrial settings, while the GV101WXM-N85 specializes in industrial control applications. With their high resolutions, superior color reproduction, and sturdy designs, these panels meet the diverse needs of different industries.


Q1: Can the BOE NV101WXM-N01 be used in outdoor environments?

A1: Yes, the BOE NV101WXM-N01 display panel is designed to withstand outdoor conditions. Its robust construction and wide operating temperature range (-20 ~ 60°C) make it suitable for outdoor handheld tablets, GPS navigators, and other devices used in outdoor environments. The panel's antireflection surface ensures good visibility even in bright sunlight, providing an optimal viewing experience.

Q2: Is the GV101WXM-N85 display panel compatible with touch screen technology?

A2: No, the GV101WXM-N85 display panel does not come with a built-in touch screen. It is a standalone TFT-LCD module without touch functionality. However, it can be paired with external touch screen solutions if touch capabilities are required for specific applications.

Q3: What is the lifespan of the WLED backlight in the BOE NV101WXM-N01 panel?

A3: The BOE NV101WXM-N01 panel is equipped with a WLED (White Light Emitting Diode) backlight that has an estimated lifespan of 15,000 hours. This ensures long-term reliability and consistent illumination for the display. The integrated LED driver enhances the efficiency and stability of the backlight system.

Q4: Can the GV101WXM-N85 panel be used in extreme temperature conditions?

A4: Yes, the GV101WXM-N85 display panel is designed to operate in a wide temperature range of -20 ~ 70°C. This allows it to withstand extreme temperature conditions, making it suitable for industrial control applications where temperature variations are common. The panel's reliable performance ensures consistent display quality in demanding environments.

Q5: What is the signal interface supported by the BOE NV101WXM-N01 panel?

A5: The BOE NV101WXM-N01 panel supports LVDS (Low-Voltage Differential Signaling) as the signal interface. It utilizes a 40-pin connector and has a 2-channel, 8-bit LVDS configuration. LVDS is a popular and reliable interface for transmitting high-quality video signals over long distances, making it compatible with various display applications.

These frequently asked questions cover important aspects of the BOE NV101WXM-N01 and GV101WXM-N85 display panels, providing additional insights into their features, applications, and compatibility with different technologies.

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