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How To Clean The TFT-LCD Display
How can TFT-LCD Display be maintained? TFT-LCD Display is more "delicate" than CRT display, how to clean it?
How can TFT-LCD Display be maintained? TFT-LCD Display is more "delicate" than CRT display, how to clean it? 

After using the TFT-LCD Display for a period of time, you will find that there is often a layer of dust on the display screen (turn off the LCD back side to see more obvious), and sometimes accidentally stick to a variety of water stains, which will certainly greatly affect the visual effect, how to clean it? 

1. First turn off the TFT-LCD Display power supply and remove the power cord plug and the video card cable plug. 

2. Move TFT-LCD Display to the place where the natural light is better, so that you can see where the dust is, which is more conducive to targeting, so as to achieve a better cleaning effect. 

3. Cleaning TFT-LCD Display does not require any special solution or cloth, experience tells us that clean water + soft velvet cloth or cotton flanneless cloth is a good TFT-LCD Display screens cleaning tool (do not drop confetti paper towels). When cleaning, dip the pure cotton flanneless cloth in clean water and dry it slightly, and then gently wipe the dust on the display screen with a slightly wet soft fluff-free wet cloth (do not squeeze the display screen hard). When wiping, it is recommended that you wipe from one side of the display to the other until all the wipes are clean, and do not wave them indiscriminately. 

Tip: do not use hard cloth, hard paper wipe. At the same time, do not use alcohol or acetone cleaning solution or chemical composition of the detergent, but also can not spray the liquid directly to the surface of the TFT-LCD Display, so as to prevent the liquid from infiltrating into the protective film. 

4. After cleaning the TFT-LCD Display with a wet, soft wet cloth, clean it again with a wet cloth that has been wrung dry. After that, let the water and gas on the LCD screen dry naturally in the ventilated place.

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