Selection Method Of Industrial LCD Screens

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Industrial LCD screen is different from ordinary LCD screen, so what issues need to be considered when purchasing industrial LCD screen?


1. What indicators should be paid attention to?

How to choose suitable industrial LCD products is very important. When choosing and purchasing, you need to pay attention to general indicators such as LCD type, color, size and resolution, brightness and contrast, response time, visual angle, storage and working temperature, relative temperature, signal and interface type, etc. We need to pay more attention to the key indicators such as whether it is suitable for high and low temperature environment, sun visual performance, waterproof and dustproof grade, anti-vibration ability, strong electromagnetic interference resistance, touch function support, touch screen type and interface, etc. We also need to pay special attention to product quality and repair rate, supply and service capacity and other manufacturer indicators.

2. Pay attention to the stability of industrial LCD screen.

Industrial LCD screens usually need to be used 24 hours a day, 365 days a year continuously. The application environment of some displays may be even worse, such as high temperature and humidity, low temperature environment, strong vibration, strong electromagnetic interference and so on. This requires higher reliability and stability of the display screen. In design, the current, power consumption, temperature and anti-electric interference, electric shock ability and average fault-free time of industrial liquid crystal display screen are much larger than those of ordinary display screen. At the same time, industrial liquid crystal display screen must also use fully shielded metal shell to ensure electromagnetic compatibility and anti-interference performance. In the selection of liquid crystal central board and even components, the industrial liquid crystal display screen uses professional industrial liquid crystal panel, and the voltage, current, temperature, humidity and other characteristics of the components are higher than those of the ordinary display screen. In terms of the technological requirements for the aging of components and the whole machine, the requirements of the industrial liquid crystal display screen are also higher. The aging of the ordinary liquid crystal display screen is usually powered on for about 8 hours at room temperature, while the aging of the industrial liquid crystal display screen needs to be electrified for more than 24 hours in a high-temperature and high-humidity closed environment to ensure the stability of the whole machine.

3. What is the difference between industrial LCD and ordinary LCD?

LCD screens in industrial applications need to support clear and accurate visual effects from multiple angles in a strong light environment. The vast majority of industrial environments are surrounded by bright lights, which poses a major challenge to the visibility of the display. The difference between the industrial LCD screen and the ordinary display screen: it is mainly the difference in the working temperature range, generally between 0 and 50 ℃, and the general requirement of the industry is-30 to 80 ℃. Industrial LCD screen is an industrial LCD screen, which has a variety of display sizes and installation methods, and so on. Different from the ordinary LCD screen, the industrial screen can adapt to the extreme environment, and has a lightweight, beautiful, practical box structure, a variety of display sizes, support serial port and USB interface, can use resistive touch screen and capacitive touch screen, support VGA and AV signal input, industrial LCD screen is mostly used in relatively harsh environment, and ordinary commercial LCD screen is difficult to work normally in bad environment. The seismic performance of the former is good, and it can be used for a long time without any failure.

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